Coconut Milk Kefir

imageConverting my dairy kefir grains to ferment coconut milk is one of my secrets to success with Autoimmune Paleo. Coconut kefir not only replaces kefir and yogurt, but also mayo, sour cream and soft cheese.


  • rinse dairy kefir grains with filtered water until it runs clear
  • add kefir grains and can of coconut milk in a glass jar
  • cover with coffee filter secured with a rubber band
  • allow to ferment 12-36 hours on kitchen counter. The longer it sits, the more sour and thick it will become.
  • strain
  • pour coconut milk back into jar, add lid and refrigerate
  • rinse grains, repeat
  • Every few batches, use dairy milk to refresh grains until your grains get well acclimated to the coconut. If it’s healthy and growing in the coconut milk, then it doesn’t have to go in the milk. I feel that putting it in dairy may add trace amounts of dairy to your kefir, which most of us don’t want.
  • If your traveling, put the grains in a full jar of milk, put the lid on and store in a refrigerator for a week, maybe up to two. When you return, put the jar on the counter with a coffee filter cover until it thickens up. It may take a couple days or more to ferment after being cold.

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