Larb Gai


Larb is a Thai salad of ground meat and herbs over cabbage leaves. I grew up eating Larb at the Bangkok House in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. I became addicted to their Larb and their Thai Beef Salad. When I moved to Atlanta, I found finally a recipe somewhere online that rivaled Bangkok house. During my vegetarian days, I would use tofu in the place of ground chicken. I recommend using tofu to any of my vegetarian friends.  Now I use ground organic pasture-raised chicken from my local farmer. I only had to make a few small changes to continue using this dish once I adopted AIP. Fish sauce is a wonderful fermented sauce, but be careful and check ingredients. Fish sauce can have all sorts of scary ingredients such as gluten and MSG. Red Boat Fish Sauce has only two ingredients: fish and salt. Kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass are key ingredients to giving this dish it’s distinct flavor. You can purchase kaffir lime leaves online, if you can’t find them locally. Lemongrass is found in your international or specialty groceries. You can plant your lemongrass ends in your garden and grow fresh aromatic lemongrass for several years. It keeps coming back. I found some wonderful Easter egg radishes and daikon radishes from my local online farmers market , which I used not only as garnish, but as a sort of chip to scoop up the Larb.

Serves 4



3 TB fresh squeezed lime juice

3 TB chicken bone broth

3 TB fish sauce

3 large shallots, minced

A stalk of lemongrass, ends and outer layers removed, inner core minced

3 kaffir lime leaves, shredded

2 spring or green onions, thinly sliced

2 tsp ginger, minced


2 TBLS coconut oil

1 lb ground chicken

1/4 head cabbage leaves

head of romain heart

handful or two of spinach

radishes for garnish

METHOD: Prep all ingredients for the broth. Mix them together in a bowl and set aside. Add coconut oil to saucepan over medium until it melts, then add chicken. Cook until half way done, breaking it up into small bits. Add broth and continue to cook until chicken is done throughout. Meanwhile, wash your cabbage, spinach, romain leaves and any garnish radishes you may have. Line serving plate with the leaves. Mound spinach in the center. When chicken is done, pour over the leaves and spinach. Garnish with radishes.image




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