Nightshade Free Cocktail Sauce

imageKetchup has been an important substance most of my life. When I went on AIP, it was one of the most missed foods (that and peanut butter- it’s weird what you miss). So I have experimented with substitutes. I have used beets, cranberries, carrot, peaches, raspberries and blueberries to make ketchups. My favorite right now are Peach Ketchup and Raspberry Ketchup.

Traveling on an AIP diet can be a challenge. It takes lots of planning and forethought. Since I am going home to the gulf coast of Florida, It became necessary for me to find a cocktail sauce substitute. I am a big fan of Appalchicola oysters and gulf coast shrimp and I need them when I go home. So, I experimented with blueberry ketchup and other ingredients that are AIP safe. I couldn’t find a link to the horseradish I use, so check the labels. It often has many ingredients that you don’t want.


1 cup of Peach Ketchup, Raspberry Ketchup or blueberry  ketchup

1 TB fresh squeezed lemon juice

3 TB horseradish

1 TB fish sauce

1 tsp fresh oregano, chopped


Combine ingredients in a bowl and serve.



4 thoughts on “Nightshade Free Cocktail Sauce

    1. I am a true ketchup lover! I like them both equally. Depends what fruit is more available. This time of year, it will probably be raspberries that are available. If I had both fruit on hand, I would probably choose the Peach, but only because it’s easier because you do t have to strain the seeds. I hope you enjoy your new ketchup!


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