Mixed Mushrooms with Leeks


I have been making this dish for a few months now. I have finally took the time to measure everything out so that I can share it with you. Most of the time when I cook, I eyeball ingredients and add dashes of this or that to taste. This dish has been nearly flawless from the first time that I made it. I experimented with different oils and mushrooms. My favorite mushrooms to use are enoki and white beech/Bunapi mushrooms. I like them because they are small enough to keep whole and I like that aesthetically.   Black pepper is a AIP reintroduction, but honestly I never took it out. I always thought it was ok being a berry. I don’t use black pepper very often because I have Sjogren’s and it sometimes burns my mouth. It lends a nice flair here, but isn’t necessary.

These mushrooms go good as topping on various meats. It’s almost like a totally umami conidement. It’s fabulous served on steak, lamb or sweet potatoes. It’s actually good on anything. I use sherry in this dish, but if your strict AIP, you can use bone broth and it’s still delicious! If you have been able to add back the occasional glass of wine or cooking wine, then you should be good with sherry.


2 TB avocado oil

1 leek, outer layers and ends removed and sliced

7-8 ounces of mixed mushrooms, any combination of a least two types of mushrooms (I like Bunapi, Enoki, Oyster and Shitske the best.)

1- 11/2tsp of salt, to taste

a couple grinds of fresh pepper, optional

1 tsp fresh herbs from your garden (thyme and oregano are wonderful), chopped, optional

2 TB sherry or bone broth

1 TB red palm oil


Warm oil in a frying pan over medium heat for a minute and them add leeks, mushrooms and salt. Sauté 5 minutes more and then add Sherry/broth, herbs and pepper. Sauté another 5 minutes and then add red Palm oil. Continue to sauté another 5 minutes or until browned. Add more Sherry/broth if it gets too dry at any point.