Bone Broth Gravy

IMG_7790I developed this recipe to go with my Grilled Turkey Breast Recipe. I use it on everything now. It’s good with any meat, greens, Mashed Turnips and Parsnips, Butternut Fries and Burgers. Back in the day, I always felt like Gravy was so decadent and bad for you. This Gravy is GOOD FOR YOU, so pour it on! I use a little fish sauce for extra Umami flavor. If you need low sodium, just omit it. I just wrote a recipe for Bone Broth, but recipes abound on the net. You can also buy packaged Bone Broth, but homemade is always better.


2 Cups Bone Broth

1 TB Fish Sauce, optional

1 TB Arrow Root Powder

1/2 TB Filtered Water


Heat Broth over medium heat. Add fish sauce. Mix arrow root and water in small bowl into smooth paste. As broth begins to bubble, start whisking the broth and slowly pour your arrow root mixture in. Continue whisking until it thickens into gravy. Keep warm until serving.


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